Scattered Curiosity: A Brief History Through Siggys on RandomIRC

…why did I do this? ^^’

God (you’re so girly) Category: Takaii.

This is the kind of handwriting that is rare among males. This is the kind of handwriting that makes people go gay for Takaii. This is the kind of handwriting Hideyoshi would have. Even girls envy his writing, and all secretly bow before him, both in skill of kana and roman.

However, it also is the kind of handwriting that makes you the butt of all trap and girl jokes as well. Those with this kind of handwriting are doomed to be commented about in not so pleasant ways. I personally like to use the term “flaming lesbian who is such a player”, but other terms may come up.

Signature wise however, the God tier truly shines in it’s purpose.

Shit: the first..and often only word that comes to 90% of people’s minds. Flooring whole audiences of both male and female channelgoers, the god tier is able to make ANY name epic.  Born with a hand of a movie star, they are able to immortalize any name if they so choose so. Even communism and unlistedness is able to be glamorized under their willful hand if desired.

The Disney Category: Kiiragi

Although lacking in a normal handwriting form, the Kiiragi category has a unique twist to it as to add picturization. Historians believe that such influence may have been derived from Egyptian hieroglyphics. However, that Disney flavor seems to merge with ancient history as the Kiiragi category blends the two in a meticulous fashion of inextrobiant design. One must examine the running man used to exemplify the characterization of the spelling of Takaii, as it symbolically runs across the top to an inevitable curve that ends the signature. Historians are in debate to what this symbolism exactly means, but research is full well underway. However, in recent studies, it was discovered that the symbols above the calligraphy for “Divine” – meaning supernatural, may represent angel halos. It was previously believed to have been two yellow circles above the i’s, but with the tools of reconstructional history, the addition of the yellow rays have revealed the symbol’s true meaning.

The Kawaii Category: aloneinwonderland

Although also lacking in a typographical setting, the Kawaii category uses a more complex form of shaping to express emotions to the reader via a number of colors and lines. It is thought to have to been a product of the Dango Revolution of 2004, where the philosophy “everything must be dango.” was widely adopted. Observe how influences of the “Kiicrab” Movement of 2010 is expressed in the lower right-hand corner, showing the utter =_=. It is unknown through this picture what particular interest the =_= was focused on, but it is suspected to be related to how overtly cheerful and flaming the symbol of the letters “Zanibas” came about. There is also evidence in the kawaii category of proof of the God you’re so Girly tier (GG), as the feminizing ❤ seems to support. However, it was suspected that none of the other major players were interested in the event as portrayed by above example, thus are -_-‘d accordingly.

The smexy :3 Category: Xumbra

Does this not reek of smexy? Is this not the epitome of “I’m epic on the internet, get out of the way?” This guy is :3. Proof of both his script and signature subtle GAR is present, especially in the light-hearted, yet internet-cute references to major figures of RCIRC history. It is considered one of the heights of prose found outside of the RCible (Pronounced Arrr-ci-bull) for it’s revealing nature of the times, as well as it’s profound :3 descript in describing such times. Unfortunately, such scripts are in short supply, as many were lost in the War of the Bots, as both v0idannica and Nazlevven forces deleted many of the produced copies, such as the acclaimed artwork “study of the eye of a random actor.”

Need I say more?

Here’s more.





The Ambiguous Category: Commie

One of the only surviving works of the great symbolist Commie, this was part of a secret document meant for delivery to the RCIRC committee in 2011. It seems to be an A, as most typologists believe, symbolizing the word Auuu~, but some conspiracy theorists believe the symbol represents an “N”, for Nyaa~. Such heated debates continue to this day, some even claiming frauds of photoshop within the picture, hiding the true meaning that Commie intended. Unfortunately, since Commie lost his name in a great thievery that caused him to suffer permanent sexiness, we may never know.

Crap Tier: Zanibas

Merely a copy of everyone else, Zanibas stands as the ultimate wannabe. He jumps on every bandwagon, and has crappy handwriting. All he does is write blogs. In fact, the only reason we put this up is because it at least attempts to flatter the above people (sorry alone ^^’). You should just banhammer him now.


About Zanibas

I want to be a real blogger someday...but for now, I'll be content just writing about random anime ^_^.
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7 Responses to Scattered Curiosity: A Brief History Through Siggys on RandomIRC

  1. aloneinwonderland says:

    There are too many things to say, condensed:
    Gay for Takaii
    Kiicrab movement
    War of Bots


  2. Kiiragi says:

    you forgot my arisu sig.

  3. CommiE says:

    Ahhh awesome post man. Could be an A or a N…no one will ever know. The ircrc is full of talented ppl 🙂

  4. ♕Croosboy♕ says:

    ^_^ this was sure fun

  5. ♕Croosboy♕ says:

    though i was sad that i didnt have a camera or scanner

  6. unlisted says:

    all the usual suspects i see…..

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