Level E: Episode 2

Zombies in my Level E!?

With more screen time dedicated to the lovely Miho Edogawa, it seems the comedy trio has finally assembled with no sacrifices made to comedy. However, Level E has such strong comedy, you’ll feel guilty at laughing at certain scenes, but ignore it anyways ’cause it’s just that funneh :3. However, despite the humor, the plot is actually moving along at a nice pace, introducing us to the final main characters and finally revealing the main backstory of our hilariously random alien. As you can tell, I’m ridiculously bias-positive about this show, so apologies beforehand if you don’t find the jokes as funny as I do ^^. Now then…

*puts on sunglasses*

Let’s blog this.

Remember that plot cliffhanger from episode one, with the adorable hologram of an alien, thinking it was plot development? Nope. Just the makings of a hilarious punchline. In fact, Level E has a tendency to do that: draw you into the serious moments, only to break your expectations while off-guard and make you lawl. Although there is some genuine plot developed in this episode, it’s admirable that they did so without sacrificing any comedic gold.

For the most part, this balance is maintained due to the personalities of the characters. Take for instance the newly introduced characters Captain Kraft (Takehito Koyasu) and Corinne (Takumi Asahina), who reveal themselves as bodyguards to Prince, who we’ve known as the nameless blonde bishounen. Although their task is serious, the way that captain Kraft rages at everything and Corinne being his deadpan partner makes the development oh so much funnier. The same goes for Miho, who acts as the facepalmer/lolwut for Tsutsui, often reacting more to his actions towards Prince than Prince himself.

Another tendency of Level E is to relieve your guilt when you’re laughing at much of it’s dark humor. Remember the ‘splosions and how we all felt guilty at laughing at potential deaths? Recall how the anime comforted us afterwards saying no deaths or injuries occurred? That seems to be the trend here as well. I personally felt so guilty laughing at the trashcan scene, but come Level E to save us, and things aren’t as they appear. The way that Prince is so oblivious to everyone else and how receptive everyone else is to each other makes way for great humorous chemistry. The show sets itself up never to never leave us with any long-lasting feelings of discomfort, and I find that a plus. Some may perceive the balancing as ruining the dark humor, but in my opinion in makes the humor oh so much more ironic and gentle, leaving me to laugh freely without any hesitation :3.

Although it was a close fight between this and the second episode of Zombie, Level E I felt had the strongest second episode, debate-ably second only to Mitsudomoe’s second episode. Of course we’re only in the early episodes of the season, so things may take a changed course as plot thickens, but Level E seems to be taking in a balance of comedy and plot throughout it’s episodes, a format that works well for it’s premise and does with great justice.

The next episode will seem to follow the same format, minus the introduction of characters. Now that we’ve been revealed of how prominent the alien presence is on Earth, we’ll probably be seeing a bit more of a serious turn to keep the plot moving, but again, not at the expense of the comedy, which makes this series gold. ;3


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6 Responses to Level E: Episode 2

  1. Arisu says:

    The “I’m in Despair” screencap reminds me of someone… damn it, can’t recall which show.

  2. Shadiic says:

    Captain Kraft is my favourite character of this series so far. Love how he goes from insane to insaner.

  3. jrj says:

    it is funny to see Prince rages most people around him, but I would really hate if someone in real life does that…
    when baka meets alien, the story begins… 🙂

  4. ♕Croosboy♕ says:

    LOlllllllllllllllllllllll this fast fucking funny. the one who created this really good in trolling audience.
    i was really serious on what the prince was talking in the restaurant then XD = 10/10.
    my lol rating went to make.

  5. ♕Croosboy♕ says:

    oh yeah still wonder why those alien are peaceful in earth

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