Hourou Musuko : 02

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Rejoice! Episode two delivers more character development for all the characters, with less confusion! Now that all the character introductions are done, the show continues to flesh out the depth of each character, revealing a colorful array of characters that certain shows this season seem to lack. However, as the characters flesh out, certain viewers may feel discomforted by the array of taboo habits that many of the characters hold, so once again, enter episode two with an open mind and an open heart.

Oh, did I mention? Sarashina fans rejoice, for she is in this episode in full personality :3.

❤ Sarashina

Once again, Hourou Musuko focuses on a one-episode conflict, revealing the side characters as they become entangled within it. Some viewers complained that Hourou had skipped too many chapters of the original source and did not give enough background, resulting in the confusing beginning. However, this episode goes into some background itself, specifically the soured relation between Chiba and Takatsuki. Flashbacks, blunt statements of hate, and deceit pace the main plot nicely within the episode, providing some quick character development.

However, the defining points of the show were the subtle revelations about the characters. Whether it’s from Makoto’s teacher dialog, Takatsuki’s and Nitori’s thoughts about each other, Maho’s attitude towards her brother, or Kanako’s mid-wheel crisis, the short scenes sprinkled in the plot are purposeful and revealing. Considering the genre though, don’t be surprised if you see taboo being revealed casually, such as implied flirting by a student towards their homeroom teacher.

The light-hearted moments seem to spring up more in this episode, balancing the dramatic scenes that blend in. You may find yourself laughing or smiling once or twice in this episode, especially with a certain girl’s antics. It’s a shame that no color schemes were accented this episode like last episode. Although the colors and art style are nice, it’s a slight shame to not see those beautiful vivid palettes appear again.

Oh btw. Sarashina, cool-girl extraordinaire. <3.

She’s cool, blunt, gives people cool points! She reminds me of Minorin, whose character I also loved. Both of them are random, both of them make excellent side commentary, and both of them will have a deeper side to them (I predict) as the story progresses. I have a gut feeling a sad predicament will befall Sarashina though as the story progresses, simply because good storytelling dictates so. That cheerful attitude undoubtedly hides something in a show of this nature. For the next few episodes they’ll develop her likability, then strike us right when we think everything is good.

I have prepared tissues for such a possibility.


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  1. ♕Croosboy♕ says:

    omg that opening pic slide show is awesome. (note i havent watch this yet)

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