Short Focus: Madoka Magica and an Argument for Existence

For those of you who have seen Madoka up to episode three, there are obviously some questions that are whirring through your head at this moment, especially one. This post seeks to predict the answer to that one burning question and leaves it to you to argue. Be warned, you WILL be heavily spoiled about Madoka Magica after the jump. For those of you who have seen episode three, undoubtedly this question comes to mind.

“What will become of Mami now?”

This question will undoubtedly be answered in later episodes, even possibly as soon as episode four, but since Madoka managed to catch many of us off guard, it begs us to start taking the series more seriously plot-wise, even more so than before. This post will attempt to predict the above question, with the hints dropped in the past three episodes. The position that this post will take is…

Mami will be revived by Madoka.


Mami has served her purpose, and at best will only come back anecdotally.

Reasons for the former being favored than the latter, all of which are listed by strength, some of which are not of my own inference….

  1. Madoka still has not decided on her wish. This leaves a VERY open possibility for the pact’s wish to be used as a revival. In reality, there are no other possibilities for Madoka to wish on, unless another tragic event were to occur.
  2. Mami’s relationship with Madoka was cut short. It hinted at Mami’s affection for Madoka, allowing for the possibility for said wish to allow this affection to grow as a plot device.
  3. Mami’s death seemed too sudden. It is to be assumed that Mami has skills comparable to her rival Homura, who seemed to be able to evade the witch easily. There are inferences that Mami may have died purposefully, causing Madoka and Sayaka to make the final push towards the pact.

Of other things to note in episode three specifically, collected specifically from animesuki’s discussion forum

  1. The grief seed that Homura recovers could be one of many possibilities:
    1. The seed is from defeating the witch
    2. The seed was from defeating the other witch. Why there aren’t two is because it is said that “if you get lucky, a witch might drop a grief seed.”
    3. The seed came from Mami’s death. Speculators believe this reveals the darker side of taking the pact, and possibly the origin of witches.
  2. The ED sequence is reminiscent of the German film Mephisto, foreshadowing the gray area of morality that seems to be a major focus of this show.

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2 Responses to Short Focus: Madoka Magica and an Argument for Existence

  1. jrj says:

    well… if the OP is any indicator, then we might not see the last of Mami… her battle style is cool, if I may add…
    though I am more up for another plot twist in regard to how they deal with Mami…

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