Level E: Episode 03 & First Arc Impressions

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Epic Troll is Epic. Baka Prince, you are my hero. You make 4chan look like the losers they actually are. You put anon to shame. Level E. The first arc ends, and boy does it end.


Imagine being a writer. Imagine setting up this nicely drawn out plot, leading your readers into a sense of comfort, enjoying entertainment and story woven together.

Now, throw the story away, completely rip it apart, and throw into your reader’s face. Their reaction isn’t one of anger and rage though, but instead they’re rolling on the floor laughing and :3ing.

That is Level E episode 3. This is the epitome of epic trolls for epic lols lulz.

However, for Level E to pull off such a stunt again may be not as effective, but I will have good faith that the author will have anticipated that as well. This show has continued to defy every expectation I set for it, and it feels GOOD. Unlike any other show, I actually WONDER what’s going to happen next, instead of a “they’re going to get saved eventually, but how?” experience.

Unlike any other show, I actually L.O.L.

I’ve already pieced together the lively characters this show presents in previous posts. I’ve already told you how well the comedic timing works. However, episode three magnifies all those qualities in the short span of a making-of video. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard in the span of 4 minutes for any anime before. Maybe I’m uncultured in anime comedy, but there has to be something, SOMETHING spiked in this episode that causes me to laugh uncontrollably.

For those of you simply following the posts, absolutely watch the first three episodes. If it’s not your thing after those three, then it’s understandable: the comedy isn’t your taste. However, it would be doing an injustice to this piece of work if you didn’t give it at least that chance. The way that the third episode ties everything together is pure genius. I know, I’m lauding this much more than I should, but it is in my firmest opinion that this show deserves more attention.

Spread the word, watch the first three, and if you’re still not convinced, I am sad =(. It’s such a shame too that it’s not being covered on RandomC either: it’s quite an enjoyable show to blog about ^^.


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2 Responses to Level E: Episode 03 & First Arc Impressions

  1. Shadiic says:

    This is definately a LOL episode. I was wondering how they would do the diary as in the manga, it was all written out. This little short video was more than enough to do it justice. Still, I’m curious to what was that untranslated part actually mean. I just want to know how degrading he views her. 🙂

  2. ♕Croosboy♕ says:

    one of the best troll anime XD. this show really is unpredictable

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