Hourou Musuko – 03

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Although the pace may have lightened up a bit, the side characters continue to develop while setting up for what seems to be an arc. The development in this episode created more polarized characters, a more varied cast, and more conflict. Despite this, the atmosphere seems to have lightened up, although that bittersweet atmosphere that signatures the show is still present. Episode three seems to be the natural setup of a new arc.

Whether being in absolute shock from being braless or being caught undressing your brother like it’s some kind of slapstick comedy, Hourou makes attempts at providing light-hearted moments to an overall serious anime. Although the comedic portions may make you smile, the underlying message that the show places over them is serious enough that you never really forget the true intent of the show. It’s not a bad thing though that the show does this: it provides some variety, without retracting from the essence that catches viewers in the first place.

In keeping with the bittersweet mood, we’re introduced to two dilemmas concerning the main characters: Takatsuki’s battle with the beginning of puberty, and Nitori’s relationship with Saori. However, the character development that occurs seem to give a more darker side to all of the characters. Whether it’s Sarashina acting inappropriately (again) or Saori showing her jealous side, the character interactions served to darken the personalities of the characters.

Despite that, the overall mask of the episode is filled lightheartedly. Admittedly, Takatsuki’s reaction at the beginning to being exposed braless was pretty funny, as well as the incident at the Nitori household. But, as stated before, the comedic segements don’t just serve to lighten the mood: they continue to develop the characters, albeit more light-heartedly than a straightforward approach.

Next episode will most likely focus on Saori and her struggles with Nitori, as well as revealing her reasons why she visits church. If you remember the first episode where a boy offered her cake in her own home, you’ll see that we’ll be exposed to more of his role next episode as well.


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