Level E: Episode 04

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Episode four marks a standalone episode, and a serious turn for the series. Why so serious? If the art direction, the lack of any of the previous characters, or the fact that there’s almost no humor at all present in this episode…life must be pretty funny for you ^^. However, rest assured…



Personally, I was expecting such of the series by now, that it was a literal paradox not to have Prince present in an episode of Level E, somehow trolling someone. However, from the first impressions I read over the net, it seems many were fooled. Prince troll’d joo, once again.

The episode itself was actually a gripping story in my opinion. It really is a sad tale about how people have to suffer for the sake of their love…and hunger. Sure, the main group of characters weren’t interesting, but the aliens and their unique plight created a standalone episode that could possibly turn into a series of its own.

Of interesting things to note: the alien investigator and the primary alien antagonist…see the similarities? Either that hairstyle was apparently popular back in the day, they ran out of character designs to use this episode, or that…THEY ARE STILL AMONG THEM!

That’s all up to interpretation of course, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter. It could be possible that the alien took the form of the investigator as its “shell”, and somehow the investigator escaped.

Of other note this episode was this particular image…

It only popped up for a few moments, but in essence, this really sums up how sad the actual premise is. Having to hunger after your loved ones must be a terrible thing to live with, something only Prince could ever devise up. But note how the ribcage is stuffed with roses…indicating the deep amount of love the aliens had for them…such a sad thing to note, especially coming from Level E.


But rest assured, next week will involve humor once more, as the end of the episode and its preview implied to us. It would get quite boring if Level E didn’t continue to provide us with laughs, but hey, this was actually a refreshing break in the stream of comedy that this series has provided so far ^^.


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One Response to Level E: Episode 04

  1. Shadiic says:

    *Tears* that was a sad story, even if it was a Prince’s troll.

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