Level E: Episode 05

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What’s the easiest way to troll child labor laws? Make them into superheroes against their free will of course! That, and have them gain the suspicions of their alien teacher ^^. Episode 5 marks a return back to the comedy that signifies Level E, albeit at a lighter pace than episode three left us.

Oh wait…remember what I said about child labor laws? That applies to all children…except for nerds like this one. Seriously, the way “leader” gets excited over these kinds of things scares me a bit…

It’s understandable though that the start of a new arc will have a bit slower rate of comedy. The humor is comparable to episode one, except that the antics of the children aren’t as comparable to the humor of Tsutsui getting trolled all over by Prince. This was obviously meant to be a setup episode for the new arc, as indicated by the preview this week.

However, there were still some LOL moments present, especially during the transformation scenes…

This was undoubtedly the lol moment of the entire episode. Just having to see him go from nonchalant to being forced to do a preset transformation scene was hilarious. You could literally feel he was being forced into it, all for Prince’s (and undoubtedly our) humor. It’s a shame though we didn’t get to see the other transformation sequences of the other rangers, quite a tragedy. Not as much as having roses stuffed down your ribcage, but still, tragic nonetheless.

This was the other highlight of the show, being more “that’ssexyandscary” moment than the “lol”. Welcome the teacher/alien/assassin/babypacifist/fail handyman/hotchick. Admittedly, Level E knows how to do female character designs sexily, yet in a subtle and not overt manner. Sure, we didn’t get to see much of Miho, but for the few seconds we saw her…

…it was pretty nice for the few seconds we did. I’m hoping that they continue to have these not too overt yet nice-looking female models throughout the show, for within them lay strong protagonists that have personality and who resist the trollerificness that is Prince.

Thus, I leave you with this lolwut image from next week. Only Prince would think of that monster design. Only Prince.


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One Response to Level E: Episode 05

  1. Shadiic says:

    The alien teacher managed to seem intimidating especially in the toilet scene.

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