Level E: Episode 06

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It seems that I must use a line graph to start today’s post.

As always, humor is subjective in this case, but I thought this episode was knock-off funny. Maybe it’s because I hold bias towards Captain Kraft as one of my favorites. However, undoubtedly this is the episode where most of the jokes were executed, and in my opinion executed well. As shown by this convenient line graph, your returns for funnehs on this episode are looking promising, well up from the setup that episode five was forced to do.

Of interest is Captain Kraft’s performance in this week’s episode. There’s just something about his personality that makes it so┬áhilarious┬áto see react to Prince’s antics. Maybe it’s that short-fused persona that makes him funny. Maybe it’s the fact that he resents his job with a passion and a subtlety that makes him the humor guy. Maybe it’s just the fact that he’s badass and likes watermelons. The world may never know. However, what the world knows is that whenever Kraft is placed on-screen, expect a well-crafted joke to come up on-screen, whether or not that screen looks advanced for the 1990’s…

Although I personally didn’t laugh at all the RPG references, if you’re a big fan of RPGs and live by them with your flesh and blood, this episode will be extra punch for you. With references to MP, grinding, and ridiculously epic bosses…

…you just might be tempted to start up a game of Dragon Quest just for kicks.

The preview tells us we’ll be continuing on with the adventures of our super sentai’s for at least one more episode, which according to the trends of this show will be the last of the arc. Although it was a good run, I, like many others, are aching for some more Tsutsui and his interactions with Prince…if that is even a possibility. However, just as exciting is waiting for the next episode, where we’ll be presented with EPIC BOSS fights and of course…

…sum epic trollin :3.


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4 Responses to Level E: Episode 06

  1. Shadiic says:

    Kraft is a lol character and it’s funny how over the top he is when he wants revenge especially considering we have an over the top prince.

  2. paper says:

    Your chart really says it all for me.
    I found it to be really funny with the first three episodes and loved the humor it employed but after that it all seems to be going down hill… I don’t see the point to these last few episodes focusing on Color Rangers. What’s even worst is that I’ve taken a liking to characters from the first few episodes and I’m not too happy that they haven’t been getting any scenes at all, except for Kraft, in these last few episodes. I liked where this show was heading in the beginning but now… it doesn’t make sense anymore. Guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for things to get going again.

  3. CommiE says:

    I want yukitaka to come back asap

    • Zanibas says:

      Unfortunately, I dun think that’s going to happen anytime soon, at least as a major player. It saddens me yes, but that’s how the arcs are unfolding so far :(.

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