Hourou Musuko – 05

Anna-chaaaaaan! :3. Seems like my gut was right, and we saw more of Anna at the end, hinting once again at what might be hiding behind that deadpan of hers. Oh yeah, did I mention Sarashina and friends make more appearances together?

In terms of developing the main plot…not much there. Yes we get Saori’s emotions played around with as luck laughs at her, but apart from that, we only see a shift in Makoto’s role in the play.  However, this development is more for the displeasure of Saori more than actual character advancement of Makoto.

Instead, I’d like to focus more on Anna, who continues to gain attention in the plot.

There are hints that Anna, as Nitorin points out, is not revealing something to the plot as of yet behind her composed and subtly playful demeanor. Personally fascinating, I’ve wondered for awhile now the purpose behind her actions, such as taking away Nitorin’s book or getting him that…interesting keychain in apologizing. The two seem to share a weird relation of sorts to each other: her fascinated in his interests, him both awed at her amazing self and both confused at her weird actions. She isn’t a normal character, that’s for sure, and seeing the way she interacts with Nitorin’s sister makes me wonder how she truly perceives everyone.

As for the other characters, they too make appearances as well, one to note being Saori’s stalker church friend Riku, who despises “trannys”, while also wanting to become cute for Saori.








Sorry,  I just had to fullsize that.

As stated before, Sarashina and friends make appearances too, but unfortunately their actions are simply filler…even when Sarashina makes  a huge blunder in being too curious in Nitorin’s life…


It’s true that the plot is moving quite slowly, but that’s an aspect of the show you either enjoy or despise. The previews hint that this story arc will close soon enough, hopefully sparking some interesting actions in the process. Cultural Festival episode, onwards!


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