Level E: Episode 07

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Admittedly, I liked, but didn’t love, the end of this arc. It managed to pull some strings with me if even a little bit, as well as place some laughs in as well. Although this wasn’t nearly as funny an arc as the first three episodes, the sheer silliness of it all made it an arc of it’s own. Also…who can not like mini-prince? :3

I have not seen a game yet where the level cap goes towards the thousands, as Prince apparently shows in this one. Apart from poking fun at ridiculous power levels, I found that this arc really did poke some fun at RPGs. Particularly I found it hit over the head when the kids pointed out that the king NPC just started wailing out all of his problems…to a bunch of elementary schoolers. Now I’m not as hardcore a nerd to LOL at many of the jokes poked on, but I appreciated the humor nonetheless. The story even poked fun at robotics and how they have to learn everything systematically…or risk overloading, as illustrated below.

Of course, the other notable part of this arc was the mini-story about Mini-Prince, aka the Demon Lord. It seems the story director is quite talented, because with little background at all concerning the situation, the episode was able to make me feel BADLY for Little Prince in the course of less than five minutes. Of course I won’t spoil that essential part here, but I mean, come on, look at it. How can you not say awww to this little peep?

The only disappointing part was in the preview, where it seems like Yukitaka will not be making an immediate or explicit return anytime soon. Although of course this saddens me, the second best character, Captain Kraft, will indeed be playing a significant role in the next arc. However, for all of you following along, the question has to come up…

How will Prince troll this one?



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2 Responses to Level E: Episode 07

  1. CommiE says:

    Lol nice post and a game with a level cap that foes towards the thousands would be disgaea

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