Hourou Musuko – 06

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While side-character development abound and about and a light nice resolution are present, the story is moving…lukewarmedly. Nothing unpredictable occurred, other than the fact that Yuki’s real hair is short, Sarashina is a fangirl for everyone, and well…

…student-teacher PDA :3.

Oh their subtle love in the BG :3

Some things that were noteworthy in the episode…

  • Once again, Anna continues to make more appearances. Anna continues to express moar awesome emotions. Anna continues to be her character, and for the most part, are some of the more enjoyable times during the episode. She continues to reinforce herself as the composed character, however…
  • Rude-guy just became douche-guy. It doesn’t look like he’ll be redeeming himself anytime soon with his current approach…unless he goes into KAWAII mode.
  • Ever wondered the relation between the adults Takatsuki hangs around with? We get hints of it in this episode as the maskful Yuki reveals herself to be an ambiguous gender. The question now to ask is: is she a girl, is she a boy? Was she once the other? Is Yuki’s husband…anything? :O
  • …the preview states that composure just might falter a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a Musuko episode than now. Anna has surpassed Sarashina as my favorite character, and having to see her…blush :3…means…JUICY STORY!

For the most part, Musuko has been lacking in the excitement that episode one brought, but it seems like another climax will indeed be coming up…hopefully. I know before I’ve stated that the pace is something to be absorbed, but hey, who doesn’t like some drama that’s exciting, even in a slice of life! Also, how can you deny…

…a blushing Anna? :3




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One Response to Hourou Musuko – 06

  1. Nhelraios says:

    lol. Whats up with the student and teacher? xD

    Absolutely love this episode. The play was decent at best, though it couldve been better if Maho switched roles with Nitori. I cracked up in that haunted house, they fail in so many ways lmao. Also, Chi-chan in twintails ❤

    Can't wait for next ep. Anna blushing in front of Nitori, hmmm..

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