Level E: Episode 08

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Oh, this is MUCH funnier than the last arc already, simply because moar Kraft = moar funny. His over-the-top reactions required for over-the-top situations just make Level E what it is. Of course without the supporting cast Kraft’s frustrations wouldn’t go anywhere, but…screw it.

❤ overreactive characters :3.

...and so Atlas shrugged.

I’ll repeat myself again, and again, but Kraft is so…crafted well in terms of character. Usually when a character overreacts, it’s quite cliche and…even expected in many romcoms. Even though this episode is placed in a similar situation, Kraft’s antics still don’t get old…at least for me.


The particular hook that made this episode though was the lack of communication and the fact that the two fell for each other, despite not knowing a word each other said. Obviously, whilst one wants true love and possibly some woohoo, the other straight up well…:3.

Of course I exaggerate this. The couple in this story is obviously mad for one another, albeit for the same reasons, just prioritized differently. One more for the love, one more for the nudge-nudge. Of course, when Kraft cheese is placed in between these two lovebreads, where the fate of the waruldo is in his hands…delicious comedy ensues.

Kraft Cheese is not pleased.

Seeing as how Prince is absent from this whole ideal is quite refreshing, not even trolling the episode at all, but he will indeed be welcomed back as indicated by the preview, most likely acting as the catalyst to screw everyone over.  Not much else to say until more plot development occurs for the lol. That is, except….


This is actually a yuri scene :3


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One Response to Level E: Episode 08

  1. CommiE says:

    I totally didnt expect a trap…iwas expecting more of a ” princess…he’s the prince of a men only planet…he’s also the only race immune to your virus….now gtfo our planet.”


    “Princess! he eats women !”

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