Hourou Musuko – 07

Soon, it'll make a star! :3

THANK YOU MUSUKO. Thank you for finally returning to a plot that’s more engaging, where the actions of characters clearly affect one another. Thank you for making Nitorin have some backbone! Thank you for better developing Saorin! But most of all…obviously…

Thank you for Anna <3.

<3. Loved this episode. The energy it brings, the characters it finally moves forward in a significant direction! All because Shuu-chan made a move.

It’s episodes like these that remind me that this anime goes beyond a genderbending and gender identity crisis. It deals with the growing pains of life that we all see in puberty and secondary school. What luck that the episode is coincidentally named “Growing Pains”.


Now although the main plot, Nitori’s daring to ask the very cute Anna out is a whole episode in itself, the way that the plot affected all the other characters only served to show the strength of the writing this episode. Quite often in anime will the main protagonist have romantic interests with many of the side characters, but…the reality and shock of that…and actually acting upon it isn’t so often. Generally the protagonist always wins…losing nothing in the process. Though Nitori challenges this mold, still…

Nitori…IS A BOSS.

Along with other problems...she has to deal with the boy in the mirror.

However, he bosses at a price. That price is of course at the expense of our naive Takatsuki, whom we can all infer thought Nitori would be the underfriend in their relationship forever. Many strides are made to develop Taka’s character…showing her envy and shock and her defense mechanism of shouldering her pain to someone else…of course that someone being the unfortunate Saorin, who seems to never win. The shock on her face was probably on par with Takatsuki, a problem they’ll most likely cope with together, as hinted by the preview.

This scene hit me hard in the chest.

They’re going to have to get along now.

This is the first time I’ve actually truly sympathized with Saorin. She still had hope and was actually quite patient, but seeing as her competitor has been replaced…with a supermodel, it’s hard NOT to feel for her situation. Her feelings are unrequitted, and now they’re almost impossible to act upon now that her love is whisked away. These next few episodes will be the true development of Saorin’s character, something the last few episodes failed to do.

However, the preview hints at the troubles of the relationship. The screens hint at superficial sorts of love, unenthusiasm, jealousy, and Taka making more strides towards her dream. I love Anna, I really do, and I honestly hope that in some ideal version of this anime, they stay together. However, inevitably something bad is going to happen, simply because their personalities are too polarized to work, their lives too different to merge.

I’m crying for the inevitable here ;_;.


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2 Responses to Hourou Musuko – 07

  1. Alice says:

    The only boss in this show is Maho (see: last episode with the pocky cigarette) though Shuu definitely has his moments.

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