RandomC and Robot Puppy Dogs: Part ONE

A starter's guide to RCIRC

Oh god lol. Read on if you dare.

[This was a request from our RC Skype Channel. The prompt was: Introduce RandomC to a new person, on the premises of robot puppies as well.]

The First RC Keeper, the gracious Divine, decided to grace the lost souls of the blogosphere a place to materialize and interact with one another. In listening to the lost souls asking for a place of congregation, the Keepers created a Channel in the land of Rizon called #randomc, where the most loyal and curious souls finally became a solid voice.

Their consciousnesses materialized into the form of robotic puppies, the cutest machines in existence. With slightly rusty ears and a cheerful bark, the robotic puppies graced this new Channel with pip and vigor, filling it with all sorts of ideas and stories. Freedom prospered, tails wagged, and the newfound canines were at peace.

For the most part, the robot puppies made the Keepers happy, seeing their loyal souls give honest and energetic life to their work. Unlisted always was pepping around on his cute four legs, talking to anyone he could. Croosboy would make the most adorable happy faces, making those around him ^________^ in return. Kim_Pine would woo the many female robot dogs, constantly wagging his tail and giving them wonderful compliments. The metal dogs, being the intelligent constructs they were, talked about all sorts of topics. Although anime was a favorite pastime among them, the puppies liked to talk about ALL sorts of topics. Ranging from the economy to random philosophy, someone’s happenings at school to their stressful job. Coming from YouTube videos to lol 4chan, there was no topic untreaded.

[However, since this prompt requires saving the world, I must admittedly place Kiiragi in a position of anatagonism. Sorry Kii as you read this, but you just fit too well :3]

However, there were some puppies that made certain Keepers…annoyed. One such puppy was the poor wiener puppy v0id, who constantly had other puppies thrown at him. Even the Keepers, when they materialized in form, were subject to being thrown, albeit in a friendly manner, towards the one known as v0id. Now for most Keepers, they simply brushed it off and altogether dodged crashing and being licked by the poor dog. However, one Keeper, named Lord Kiiragi, was extra-thrown toward v0id, and unfortunately was too jelly-like to dodge him, therefore constantly landing on top of his cute figure. Though the others laughed it off, Kiiragi, being the anatagonist he was forcefully put as because the author willed it, saw fit to end this madness to himself.

Thus, one night, whilst v0id was playing along with all of his other cute robot puppy friends, Kiiragi approached him, held up the forbidden tome of Kiiragehime, and muttered a forbidden command that made v0id…poof away. Although at other times the other Keepers made v0id poof out of friendliness, this time…he didn’t come back.

Such was the realization that dawned upon the happy little puppy dogs. ;_; and 😦 flowed throughout the Channel, and for the next few days, a sort of awkward feeling was felt as the lack of a dog to throw things at was…gone.

Although many accepted his fate and attempted to move on, there were some that challenged fate. There were some that desired their friend and throwing bag back into this world the Keepers had granted them. There were some that wished to defy fate.

These puppies, with perked ears, were called collectively…The Estate.


Oh god. What have I written?


About Zanibas

I want to be a real blogger someday...but for now, I'll be content just writing about random anime ^_^.
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7 Responses to RandomC and Robot Puppy Dogs: Part ONE

  1. Sechhi says:


  2. Arisu says:

    I still can’t stop laughing every time I see the pic x)

  3. Shadiic says:

    Hey Zani, you forgot to include the God Omni. He was the one that created the RC universe and then left it in Master Divine’s control before departing to the next universe.

  4. ✙Croosboy✙ says:


  5. ComME says:

    Nice creative writing Zan but you dont seem to be on the triforce chart your self. Are you going to sweep in from nowwhere and lead the skype estate to rebellion?

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