RandomC and Robot Puppy Dogs: Part 1.5

Made from a Pine Tree, Prince Prine would relax on this chair after a long day of play.

Before the estate makes its role though, it is suggested that we begin with a story of one of the more…obscure members of the Estate.

Let us begin…with the story of Prince Pine.

Although unrelated to any monarchy that governs the Channel, Prince Pine was born as the first of his family to materialize from the Web. Thus, he was essentially born royalty of his family, destined to lead on his oil-line and the peculiar ideal of “pedigree”.

When the rest of his family materialized onto the channel, they secluded themselves from the rest of the Channel, leaving only Prince Pine to interact with the others. They had become too indulgent in their own family and self-created hierarchy that they refused to talk to any of the other materialized souls. With the ability to physically distance themselves, they gladly took on such an opportune. Only the Prince, ironically the youngest and most ethical of his family, was kind enough to talk to those of “non-royal” descent.

Although his family permitted this interaction, it came with a price. The consequence of secluding their whole bloodline meant a limited number of ways to carry out such a blood. Thus, seeing their beloved youngest as being friendly with the outsiders, they proclaimed that his duty would be to seek out the “most fit” female puppy dog to bear their continuity. It was a crash and irrational sort of request, but unfortunately Prince Pine, owing his family everything beforehand, carried out their wishes.

And so began his journey.

He was known to his friends in the Channel as Kim, and was also known for having a slightly standoffish attitude. He would often scare off new people with his strong language and slightly closed body movements, and when in a bad mood, seclude himself with his Pikapika game. Even his friends from time to time felt some discomfort around Kim. However, it truly wasn’t his fault. It was hard for Kim keep away the influences of his pomp ancestors, but he tried his best. In reality he was a good little boy, who loved to play around and compete with his puppy friends, whether in playing Pictionary or Booya. In reality everyone enjoyed his company and saw through his faults, and loved it when they played games with his energetic and competitive attitude.

However, knowing the task his family had bestowed on him, that innocence would be compromised.

Seeking the “ideal mate”, Prince Pine pranced around, searching for what would meet his criteria. He himself didn’t know what such criteria was. As such, he aimlessly looked around the Channel, hoping that such a puppette would appear and relieve him his burden.

He tried his best with his attitude to “flirt” with girls, but with no avail. The girls whom he tried to come off to as flirty merely saw it as a bit creepy or funny, and disregarded him. He tried his best to profess his love to some of them, but in the end he got politely rejected by each and every one. He tried again and again, but his dedication was only seen as annoying, and eventually scared off many girls who were once his friends.

“I ❤ you Mana!” he’d bark to one of the girls.

“Hey, can we go watch “Poke Poke” tonight alone!?!?!?” he’d say while wagging his tail vigorously.

“Hey hey! Want to date!?”

Despite this though, every time Kim tried flirting, he wasn’t “in” to it. He felt nothing for the girls he tried to make his own, the girls whose hearts he wanted to capture. This whole thing felt like a horrible experience, a chore for him. It was driving away his friends and it was making him into someone that he despised. He felt fake and insecure, and thought of even running away, from both the friends he had left and his family, to somewhere no one would find him.

One day though, Prince Pine felt something from looking at a girl, and immediately thought he had found her. A shy, timid girl was accompanied by a strong muscular dog. He recognized the two as Maple and Richu, sister and brother, having seen them play together in the blue meadows. Upon closer inspection and tailing them for a bit, the Prince became captivated. She had silvery blue fur, accented by a golden streak. She wore red heart earrings that glimmered and cast red glints on the ground. But the most fascinating thing about her was her voice, her amazing voice that echoed many times across the Channel, simply because the Channel didn’t want such a song to dissipate so soon.

Pine had played with Maple and Richu before, and he saw them just like any other puppy. They played tag together, made paper telephones, and Pine even shared his Pokemon game with them every now and then.

However, this time, Prince Pine was awed, and the mechanical heart inside of him thumped a bit faster, making him tint a rosy pink. He never had felt this way before about…anyone. He shook a little, his joints and tail wagging, making a ruckus as the shaking increased. The noise caught the attention of the girl, who turned around and gave the biggest puppy smile anyone could ever give.

“Kim! How nice to see you here! What brings you to the meadow?”

He stopped and gave a slight frown, unable to say much. He still was shaking…and eventually lost balance…and he eventually just fell.

A paw helped him up. The brother, who didn’t talk much, calmed his nerves by holding his back down until he stabilized. Meanwhile Maple, a little concerned, but mostly amused, gave the cutest laugh.

“Kim, are you alright? I know it’s not right to laugh…but that was funny!”

“Uhhh…yeah, I’m just not feeling okay today. But…I need to ask you something!” Kim blurted, while still having a paw on his back.

“Hmmmm?” The puzzzled look on her face and how innocent it looked only made it harder for Kim to say it. However, he had to do it, being absolutely captivated at first sight.

“Maple! Will you MARRY ME!?”

At first there was shock, and then a variety of things happened. The brother stumbled from the surprise, falling backwards onto his metal bum. Maple was at first confused, but then on seeing Kim’s intent face, blushed and looked the other way. Kim himself, surprised he just skipped like 10 steps of the dating process, fell to the side, his circuits fried from the intensity.

He was expecting the worst. Being called a creep, being beat up by the puppy behind him. He closed his eyes, whimpering and bracing for impact when…

Nothing happened. Things were silent for what seemed like ages, until…

“Kim…I actually kind of like you too, if that’s what you were trying to say. I would love to marry you, but first, let’s go on a date, shall we?”

Kim opened his eyes, and was met with the most beautiful blue crystal eyes he had seen. His family worries faded away, as his heart faded with hers.



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3 Responses to RandomC and Robot Puppy Dogs: Part 1.5

  1. Sechhi says:

    D’AWWWWWW. ❤

  2. ComME says:

    Amazing bridging story. If maple died it would simulate Kim to lead a revolution against the upper class and end the anarchy (classic anime plot)

  3. ✙Croosboy✙ says:

    @_@ very long

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