The White-Haired Girl

This was a request from one of my dear friends. It does touch on some sensitive themes, so proceed with caution. It’s also 1500+ words, so get ready to be textwalled ^^.

She walked, deliberately slowly, wondering why she hadn’t felt this strongly about this before. She looked up at the trees for answers, but all she got were the rustling of pink petals falling to the ground. The wind was especially rough today, continually pushing her and the petals in every cardinal direction. The ground was soaked with the recent tears of the sky.

After some moments of thinking, she announced out to her one special person, unseen by her blue eyes, unheard of by her pink-in-the-cold ears,

“Lucy, why won’t you help me now?”

Just moments earlier, she was mocked by her peers, for what they perceived was an illogical illusion, a dire delusion, a preposterous proposition. They all stood around in one group, agreeing with one another, confident in their own reasoning while ripping hers apart. Yes, she was a Midwestern gal attending a Western college, yes she was a bit more naïve than her peers, and yes, it pained her when she was critically examined and mocked for the “silly” things she proclaimed.

Ignorant she was not though, excelling in knowledge, both within the text and out on the street. If there was something going on in the world, she knew it. If someone was having a bad day, she’d inquire as to why. This dearest girl was quite the curious and skeptical student, qualities any university attendee has. However, she held ideas that were…contrary to what the champions of logic, reasoning, and proof believed. And so those were the times she suffered, that she felt alone, where her credibility suddenly went down the drain because of one unorthodox idea.

She desperately wished that she didn’t need to confront another person who wanted to revise her thinking. She honestly wished that people wouldn’t obviously make her feel bad about her unprovable thinking, even though they said “I still like you!” afterwards, attempting to soften their blow. It wasn’t like her idea was harming the world…why were people so sensitive to the idea? All other times, the people on campus  were pleasant people to be around, but when it came to the topic of her beliefs…she felt pressured and secluded from their smiles-hiding-hostility attitude.

She continued to walk, still feeling strong emotions and contemplating deep thoughts. It was true that she felt…discouraged and skeptical herself about her idea…sometimes the whole thing didn’t make sense. Sometimes she wished she could just go with the flow and stop being judged. But…if she stopped believing…

“Micah! Are they gone yet?”

…who knows what would happen to her.

It was the beginning of middle school. All her friends had been fed to other schools, and being the shy type she was…struggled to adjust to this new phase of life. She tried approaching people…but she came off as awkward and scared them away. She tried becoming active in her area, but came off as unhelpful. She wanted to get used to her new world so badly, but the world just wouldn’t let her in. It would’ve stayed that way too, if not for the help of one girl…

“Micah’s your name, right?”

She looked up, startled that someone talked to her, but then became startled again when she saw the person standing before her. A small petite girl, smaller than even her 4’4″ figure, knelt down beside where she sat. The girl had shining white hair, pale blue eyes, and was full of smiles in every corner of her face.

“Micah. Don’t be sad. I’ll be your friend.”

The girl’s salty wetness was then wiped away by this strange, yet kind and honest soul. She felt herself pulled back into reality, despite wishing to have disappeared a few moments before. Micah looked into this girl’s eyes, and suddenly became captivated by this girl’s whole face, beaming with an optimism and understanding she never saw before.

“Micah, my name’s Lucy. I’m terribly shy just like you, but hopefully we can help each other out, right?”

Lucy held out her hand, pale as the sky above her, yet glowing with a certain tint of life. Micah hesitated at first…afraid of this girl’s intentions, but as her soul melted from the sparkle of Lucy’s eyes, she gave in, never giving up even up to the present moment.

Thus was how most of Micah’s life panned out for the next many years. Lucy and Micah would always meet at that same park, happy to share each other’s stories of life, liberty, and school. Micah would vent a bit about how her classmates had stolen her chair, with Lucy replying in a cute giggle. Lucy would share about how her family enjoyed having a birthday cake, despite being poorer than most, then Micah would laugh loudly at how the cake was shaped like a panda.

However, whenever Micah asked about school, Lucy would keep quiet. Although they told each other the most secret of secrets, the most obvious obviousness, Lucy couldn’t say anything about school. Whenever Micah asked Lucy if they could meet somewhere else, Lucy wouldn’t budge. Her reasoning was that she was scared of other people. She’d always hide behind a tree whenever she sensed someone approaching, and would never be in public. Even though she was the nicest gal to Micah, she absolutely, sometimes stubbornly, would never meet anyone else besides Micah and her family.

Despite this though, they continued their escapades in the park together. During the night when Micah was sure to be grounded by her parents, they would play hide and seek in the twilight, leading up to all-out tag in the evening. No matter how rainy or snowy it became, no matter how blazing and cancerous that park may have been, Micah would always come at least once a week, and Lucy would always appear from behind a tree or the bathroom stones, always with a smile on her face.

As Micah grew though, becoming more adjusted, more social with the life around her…Lucy never seemed to change. Not like that was a bad thing for Micah…but over the years it became…eerie. Even as Micah became more outgoing, more curious, and obviously taller, Lucy stayed at her height. She never became tanner, even though the summers blazed hot on Micah’s own darkening skin. She never seemed to change her clothes, which stayed in perfect condition for several years. Although she still kept her cheerful attitude, never was she seen by another single soul because of her unwavering fears. Even when Micah urged her new friends to meet her bestest of friend and had them search the whole park…they never were able to find her. It was only when they all departed, feeling pranked upon, that Lucy appeared from what seemed an obvious place, always giggling.

This was probably the one setback from being friends with Lucy…at least before college. She honestly wanted to help Lucy meet new people who would absolutely adore and cuddle her, but never could she find a person Lucy would accept. People called her kooky, delusional, or even sick as one classmate suggested she go to the nurse. Sometimes she annoyed her classmates so much about this magical girl that she was simply ignored, given only a fake smile that told Micah “Go away, I don’t want to have to get angry.”

Thus was her existence unprovable to anyone else but herself.

It wasn’t until she finally moved away, finally exchanged her last tears with Lucy, reaching full circle in their relationship, that she saw the scope of having an unseen friend. She had felt her cold skin, seen her bright eyes, and even had fragments of photographs…that didn’t have her in it. She knew she existed…but no one else did.

Now in college, now with an open mind, a critical mind…she finally took the case of Lucy seriously. She walked the cherry blossom avenue, barring against the wind and the petals, and tried to make sense of Lucy…her angel. Despite all the textbooks, evidence, and readings she had acquired, despite all the experiences she had lived throughout middle and high school, she still couldn’t explain Lucy properly.

Was she delusional, she thought to herself? Was it all a product of a psychological disorder, as she was reminded of her psychology class. Was it an epiphany of her own life flashing before her, as Philosophy 001 exampled. No, she told herself, but still this girl defied logic itself…

…she concluded that just maybe…it might’ve been an unexplained event not worth explaining. She didn’t feel like it was God personified as some of her more “sympathizing” college mates proposed to her…but she felt Lucy was something magical this world had produced. Micah never really identified herself as religious in the first place, but felt there was something unknown that she could not explain herself.

But one thing was for certain though. She would not stop believing. She absolutely would not deny the existence of the support that gave her new life. She would not deny her best friend acknowledgement…being the only friend that she had.

Micah stopped in her tracks, and walked the other way…back home. She had made up her mind. Although she wanted to spend time with her college mates during break…there was something more important pending for her. It didn’t matter that no one else acknowledged her existence or her validity. It didn’t matter that people thought of herself as illogical and annoying. She believed, because she was the only one who could believe in Lucy. She believed, because she didn’t want to deny Lucy’s place in the world: as her legitimate, first, and best friend.

Micah began to tear up again, her salty moisture bursting as she finally reached the steps of her dorm. However, as she looked up, she saw a family, a family she had not seen before, accompanying a girl in a wheelchair, giggling, her white hair bobbing as she smiled, obviously excited. She wheeled down the ramp, towards the crying Micah, still startled at the scene. With her pale white arm, she reached towards the face of a crying girl, and wiped her tears. However, as her handerchief absorbed the tears of her friend, Lucy’s once happy face turned to tears…joyful. Her once beaming smile now overcome with emotion. Lucy, the angel she was, said, with salty tears in her eyes,

“Micah! I’m here!”


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