The Surprise

Non-sensicality ftw.

Snow. The white fluff covered the nearby wooden cabins, sprinkled the hats of passerby, and covered the swings where two teenagers stood. They were a nervous couple, each standing at one end of the top of the swings, the wooden support thick enough to stand on comfortably. Nobody knew why they decided to stand there of all places, but it was assumed they had their reasons. Below were a group of three, friends of the two towers shadowing them. They were about to witness a pleasant scene, albeit one that was taking awhile to happen.

The boy of the couple fidgeted a bit, nervous about asking, even though beforehand he already knew the answer. His shaking caused some of the snow to oddle off the swings. This was simply a formality, a public display, for all his friends to officially know. It was simply a picture-esque moment, where they’d say their vows and capture it on film for a hundred years or more. Yet still he stood there, waiting for the right moment, not wanting to fall down into the snow and embarrass the person across from himself.

However, such shame hadn’t happened…yet. The girl was relaxed, composed, and stood firm, looking straight ahead at her partner. Her posture seemed to only accent her appearance, that of a snow queen. A golden robe covered and contrasted her pale complexion. What was a blue waterfall of hair fell gracefully below her shoulders, accented by a golden streak. Her gray eyes, intently looking at her partner, simply sealed her royal persona in stone. She was nothing like the rag-tag boy who was now twiddling his thumbs. Despite the snow collecting on her circlet, those eyes did not waver, waiting on the inevitable question.

Such standstill would’ve lasted longer, if not for the most random of manly persons yelling out in a manly manner,


Suddenly the tension broke as all eyes reacted towards the manly source of the manly announcement. A manly man with tight manly shorts, a sky blue cape manly, and pretty manly badass sunglasses stood as a higher tower to the couple. He had an emblazoned manly white K on his chest, which he displayed with no reservations. Manly.

“I am disappointed Zanibas! Go do it! Don’t be a cat! ACCEPT YOUR DESTINY! I’ve got to take this picture eventually, and I’m charging by the hour!”

This manly hero figure had a pretty fancy manly pro awesome camera in his hand, with the lens reaching at least a manly foot in manly lengths. Suddenly everyone remembered they had hired this manly photographer to capture the moment, even if he was a bit dramatic. I mean, it was such short notice, and he was the only person around who had a decent camera.

Zanibas, now released of his tension, and a bit weirded out, decided to finally do his partner justice. He opened his mouth, and said the words he wanted to say, albeit with the worst expression he could make in such a situation.

“Silver, will you marry me?”

The girl, obviously relieved her partner finally said the lines, replied back, her eyes literally bursting hearts of love…

“Yes! Yes I will!!”

The crowd below applauded, both for the newly engaged couple and for the awesome, manly hero photographer who helped make this memory possible. If not for him, the delicate situation wouldn’t have progressed.

Meanwhile, another voice announced out to the superhero…

“Hey, there! Your shoes look worn out…how about trying on MY pair of shoes?”


About Zanibas

I want to be a real blogger someday...but for now, I'll be content just writing about random anime ^_^.
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3 Responses to The Surprise

  1. Arisu says:

    /is stunned by the outright display of manliness.

  2. ComME says:

    lol shouldve asked her out on the smega

  3. ✙Croosboy✙ says:


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