About the Below: The Truth, and some Updates.

No, my internets aren’t being ripped from the ground. No, I am not going away for two weeks because of an imaginary event.

However, I AM going to take the weekend off to recover. After the writing of this post, I still have two events to attend, one of which begins at 8 in the morning, after reaching home at 9. Being the chairman of a cultural festival week is stressful! I honestly now can relate to how Yukino and Arima felt, with me being Yukino, and Arima being my nice bed. Thank you that a week that was 3 months in planning is finally over.

So I won’t be on Skype for the next few days. Or IRC. Or online much for that matter. I’m going to take a voluntary internet and life retreat and just BREATHE. Yeah Suu, I think you can relate ^^.

I will come on during the weekend to post my thoughts on the last two weeks. It truly has been a rollercoaster of a ride, and tonight was one of the most stressful moments of my life. I promise you it will be proserific, and will mark the beginning of my blogging once again, now that most stress has lifted itself from thy shoulders =D.

Sorry for anyone who took offense to my CRAPPY April Fools. As I look back at it…Really crappy. REALLY crappy.

*me punches himself in the face. Twice.*

Consider this the interim before I start prepping for a new blogging season, both in anime and in a more refined personal writing. Sorry Waffles, I was rash in my crap attempt at a joke D:. I guess I was stressing too much while trying to be funny that I ended up making myself look like an idiot =(.

In terms of anime blogging, I will be taking a new approach that has all the elements of what people really want to see. I’ll talk about this in a new post, but my experimentation with my first blogging season has allowed me to start a stable blog style this upcoming season. I personally haven’t examined closely the lineup, but I will be blogging the shows that I personally wish to attack, despite what anyone else is blogging at that time.


About Zanibas

I want to be a real blogger someday...but for now, I'll be content just writing about random anime ^_^.
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3 Responses to About the Below: The Truth, and some Updates.

  1. Sekka says:

    <3. I take back my punch in the face.

  2. ComME says:

    launches cuban healing missiles at Zan

  3. Arisu says:

    Enjoy your breathing time. Don’t forget to breathe.

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