So I won’t be on for the next 2 weeks…



AHHHHH! It was pretty short notice. Surewest contacted us about two days ago, saying that our block was next in placing new fiber optic cabling. Unfortunately, the placement will take about 2 weeks, and the only compensation we get is brand spanking new internet at the end.

Pffff, but still, that’s two weeks.


It’s pretty short notice, and with all the busy stuff I’ve been going through, I haven’t had the will to really tell you all. I was SO planning to do more blog posts too after this whole cultural festival planning was done too, but I guess I’ll just have to post all at once. Drafts last a long time on a computer.

Like, I’m literally rushing against the clock to get this finished before my day finishes tonight D:.

Fifteen minutes left…CRAP!!!

Oh yeah, the weather’s good Suu, right NOW, but it’s supposed to be raining tomorrow…and the next days after that. I guess I could play a bunch of offline games for awhile…but after 500 turns of Civilization, you kind of go a bit crazy. Friends are busy too IRL…so…

Oh Crap D:

lol, I’m also going to miss the new season of anime…

So. Much. Crap! D:

Ha, oh yeah, some last few words before I go offline for awhile, and go into some retreat of sorts and face…internet withdrawals D:.

AriSuu~, go reserve that plane ticket! I wanna visit you when you make it to the Best Coast! Also, I am sorrehs that I cannot be storyteller for a few weeks 😦

:Shad, good job on making up with your other, may your blog benefit ’cause of it :3.

3Waffles, I expect the conclusion of the story to be DONE. DONE I SAY. Also, you have less than 5 months remaining. Believe it. Also, I AM SORRY! I have HDD drive right here, but no internet to send it to you :(.

^Croos, keep fighting, and hopefully someday someone will be up when it’s your nighttime and talk to you D:. When it’s 10:00 over there, it’s like 6:00 where I am :(.

_Xumbra…I understand if you want to unfollow meh after all this. I’m still gonna unfollow even if I dun have access to the internet D:.

^Oh btw, if you reached the end of this, I hid a secret message made from the first letters of every paragraph of this. I hope you enjoy it :3.

Bye D:.



About Zanibas

I want to be a real blogger someday...but for now, I'll be content just writing about random anime ^_^.
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2 Responses to So I won’t be on for the next 2 weeks…

  1. Sekka says:

    If you’re serious with that whole april fools day thing, I will punch you in the face.

  2. ComME says:

    Lying about not having internet is a SIN !!!!

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