Wednesdays are Life Post Days

Why? Because anime has a strange phenomeneon of never airing on Wednesday. Also, it’s a convenient time for me to talk about the past and future, considering how it’s smack in the middle of the week ^^. Unless I somehow get captivated into learning about sex ed for 30 year olds, this shall be the day of reflection!

What day will be dedicated to anime and writing though? You’ll see tomorrow :3

Read after the jump for a lame excuse at musing to pass the time.

Currently, I’m writing this post in a library, a place where I can actually focus the best.  I just got out of a redundant meeting, too lazy to go home, so I drifted to the nearest warm spot. Somehow the aura of actually having to do work here whenever I visit prompts me to write.

On the flipside, if I were to have gone home and slept in for two hours, this post would take infinite times longer. Somehow, having a bed right next to you that’s directly receiving the sunrays of the day and the warm breeze of the afternoon erases the productivity, giving off the most evil of auras: procrastination.

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who shares this predicament; I’m probably in a majority.

Whenever I enter a library, I don’t think of sleeping at all. It’s the fact that I’m surrounded by knowledge, by actual work ethic that drives me to actually get stuff done. Also, the fact that snoozing on hard surfaces is unpleasant may play a factor. Just give me some soymilk to occasionally drink and I’ll work on anything.

Whenever I enter my bedroom, I don’t think of studying at all. Immediately, I give myself the lame excuse that I’ve done so much at school, that I can just forestall work in the morning. Thus, I roll into those fluffy sheets a mere 10 feet away and enjoy the warm colors of the afternoon. Once the streetlamps come on outside, I resist homework once again and chat with people who I hope share my same mentality.

That pattern of thinking has gotten me through school for the last four years. Looking forward now, however, and hearing scary stories of the bachelors work ahead, that probably won’t fly anytime in the future, if I want to keep my standards.

Ah, but hopefully the support of roommates, friends, and a library will change me for the better. Maybe I can defy the odds and become a better person!

Yeah, the chances might be slim, but optimism opens a door for change, no matter how small a crack open it is.

8:56: almost late for class. Wednesday post time is over D:


About Zanibas

I want to be a real blogger someday...but for now, I'll be content just writing about random anime ^_^.
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  1. Arisu says:

    /sitting cross-legged on bed trying to write paper


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