Embellishments vs. Reality


The battle of the day had drawn out the energies of a certain family, exhausted from all the activities and sightseeing they endured. Thus a certain crepe shop drew their attention, on a certain University Avenue. The crepes were of man-sized proportions, fit to feed a family’s sugar needs for at least three days. Such sweetness was alluring in the heated weather that hovered outside.


We were tired. It was lunchtime. We were hungry. Crepes sounded good.


Although the family had indeed traveled here to taste some of the delicacies that the city had to offer, there was another motive. To meet a certain local, a certain shady individual that had important information. The goals of each of the family members in meeting them were different: one for child safety, others for college guidance, another for the utmost socializing.


We actually went to get crepes to meet Xumbra. My parents wanted to utilize him as a college student, I wanted to meet him as a friend :3. Before they met him, they perceived him as shady. [One parent told me to buy my own food, for fear of it getting spiked.]


Thus, as we waded through our lunchtime by surveying the sweet and savory menus, as we became more hungry, more hot, more tapping of the watch, he came. I personally saw him first across the street, a wavering image due to the heat. I waved hugely at him, using all my enthusiasm, but was met with a shy handwave, if raising your hand halfway counts as a handwave. Met by this, I shyly retracted, staying in awkward silence for 30 seconds until he crossed the rest of the 50 feet that separated him from my family.


Xum was a bit late. When I spotted him down the street, I gave him a big wave, but didn’t return the energy. It made it awkward for me. D:.


After some formal greetings with my parents, after we finally entered the shop, we ordered quickly. Xum, having had experience with the shop before, knew his order and placed it in residential suave. Myself, being indecisive, and also wanting to make a certain girl on the internets jelly by ordering the most cute and sweetest of confectionary heart attack, ordered the “sweetest item on the menu”, a whopping 7 dollars. When we were presented with our crepes at the table, it was obvious who was more practical and who was the crazy eccentric.


Parents treated Xum okay. Xum ordered some sort of spinach and ham crepe, while I got a crepe with whipped cream, bananas, vanilla extract, nutella, powdered sugar, chocolate icing, and who knows what else. I did it for the Suu and for jelly purposes :3.


The crepe eating helped with the initial awkwardness, as it gave time to think of a response between bites, just like a Skype chat minus the yum. Everything was going fine, a cheery expose, until I reached the end of my crepe. Sugary overloads had pounded my stomach too much, and made my senses sick to the sweet. Sure, this was a great item to use as a date item, ordering a cutesy and sweet delight to share with your date, but alone…not so much.


The crepe made me a bit sick from sugar overload. It helped with conversation though.


As soon as we had both finished though, and our side chatter, which even I cannot recall, ended, thus began the main event. We put aside our dishes in a manly manner and began what the resident of this town didn’t expect: a card game of epic proportions. With modified rules and a despairing setup, such began a clash between what was once only played online. It even amazed some of the nearby, with one parent commenting to the child the intricacies of the intense match. I think that lightning bolts and fire were present as each card lay down. However, even at my own rules, I lost to the formidable opponent, who luck favored that day. He should be lucky though that I didn’t reveal my other tricks up my sleeve.


We played uno after eating. We used modified rules. Apparently we attracted the attention of a parent who explained why we were using such whacky rules to his son. I lost anyways though, and made it sad that I didn’t bring sparkling cider. (I was tempted to buy an apple juice and sprite nearby to improvise).


Finally, after pictures had been taken of us several (not) times, my parents were guided by the kind resident to guide him to certain places, and as such, found him tagging along with my parents to who knows where. We traveled by pseudo-trolly to our destinations, before tragically being ripped apart by unknown forces. Not even a goodbye.


My parents somehow got Xum to guide them to a dorm. Although we got to talk on the trolley with wheels, we had to split up because Xum was a gentleman and had to guide them COMPLETELY to the dorms while I had to go somewhere else. It made me sad D:.

Embellishment and Reality:

The room I found myself stuck in afterwards was full of rude people who stood in front of you, speakers who ironically couldn’t use powerpoint effectively, and a hot and stuffy room.


About Zanibas

I want to be a real blogger someday...but for now, I'll be content just writing about random anime ^_^.
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5 Responses to Embellishments vs. Reality

  1. :3 says:

    1. I’m really sorry the small wave made you feel awkward :/
    2. cheese, salmon, and spinach
    3. I think they had cider in the refrigerator.
    4. I’m really sorry the lack of proper goodbye made you feel awkward :/

    At this point, you pretty much unfollowed me. Literally.

    But if it makes you feel any better, meeting you was the highlight of my day. You’re much more awesome in person than online! It would be awesome if we met again. With other folks. That would be even more awesome :3

    • Zan says:

      Unfollowed you in the literal sense, not in the implied sense :3.

      I was disappoint when we split, but trust meh, I enjoyed our time togethers. I just liked to point out all the bad stuff for embellishment :D.

  2. Sekka says:

    how terribly exciting 🙂 awkwardness is bound to happen, though.

  3. Arisu says:

    *pats zan’s head*
    That crepe must have been hard.
    *nods in approval*

    I enjoyed this. /amused.

  4. ✙Croosboy✙ says:

    Crepe :>.
    hehehehe its been a long time since i read your blog Zani

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